Compression garments

They're derived from burn clothing.

They include short- or long-sleeved vests, elbow pads, gauntlets, mittens, trousers or shorts, ankle pads.

They have their own physical characteristics, the objective of which is to achieve a soft tissue compression effect and to make up for their lack of elasticity for Obtain better tissue sensor efficiency and, this way, improve proprioceptionThis is a new treatment that limits joint disorders, allowing patients to better perceive the limits of their body, improving their breathing control.

The pressure exerted on the abdominal muscles, which are too distended in these patients, helps to improve the diaphragm's efficiency on both the mechanical (on inspiration) and proprioceptive levels.

The sensations exerted on the rib cage (including intercostals and inspiratory muscles) are another means of respiratory proprioceptive action of these garments.

During pregnancy, they can be adapted and are not contraindicated.

They have an indirect analgesic effect by improving the proprioception but also a direct anti-pain effect not " TENS effect " by provoking tactile sensations which will inhibit the painful influxes by " gate effect " like heat and massage.

They require measurement by an orthotist trained in this technique, who is familiar with the specific features of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and are manufactured by a specialist provider.

Their tolerance is usually very good, but in case of significant skin hypersensitivity, difficulties, or even impossibilities of use, may be observed?

For this reason, a first set of clothing (if necessary limited to one part of the body) should first be made to test the tolerance and only the second set should be made after this first adaptability test.

Other difficulties can be observed:

  • the profuse sweating that's common in the syndrome,
  • the excessive heat of certain regions or at certain seasons,
  • difficulties in putting them on due to painful instability of the fingers.

It is advisable to use them as often as possible because they provide a real and permanent proprioceptive re-education.The use of a special muscle relaxant, strengthening the sensations of movement and muscle contractions.

That's why, they should be used at the time of rehabilitation sessions (physiotherapy, occupational therapy...) and physical or sports activities (horse riding, cycling, Tai Chi Chuan, bowling...).

During algo-proprioceptive crises, wearing it at night can contribute to relief.

The use of class 2 compression stockings, intended to promote venous return, is sometimes useful in alternation with special compression stockings, or as a replacement in case of intolerance.

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