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Articles on the SED, including new classifications of syndromes

File  GRAHAME      Upload file
File  hypermobility, HSD, hEDS      Upload file
File  hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Dr. Daens.  Upload file
File  NEW YORK CLASSIFICATIONS SEDh, SEDv, SEDc, etc.   Upload file
File  classic sed  Upload file
File   Orthopaedics and sed   Upload file
File SAMA et SED, SAM{“type”:”inserter”,”blocks”:[{“clientId”:”7537cc92-bcf2-4d9f-a3f5-11379659d1e5″,”name”:”core/file”,”isValid”:true,”attributes”:{“showDownloadButton”:true},”innerBlocks”:[]}]}ED (Daens S, Grossin D, Peeters D, Manicourt D.) Download the file
File  SAMA and SED (Suranjith L.,Seneviratine, al)  Upload file
File  Comments on intermediate classification (Claude Hamonet)   Upload file
File  Neurology and sed 2017   Upload file
File  gastroenterology and sed   Upload file
File  Mouth and stomatology   Upload file
File   SED and Imperfect Osteogenesis   Upload file
File  MF Kahn: Fibromyalgia or limited SED?   Upload file
File  M. Castori 2012    Upload file
File  Claude Hamonet: SED under-diagnosed    Upload file
 File   Anaesthesia and SED (Hamonet,Bahloul,Ducret)   Download the file
File  SED: Syndrome or disease?     Upload file
File  Disability, loss of autonomy,...    Upload file
File  ECSS-62 (Hamonet-Brock)     Upload file
File Clinical and Ethics       Upload file
File  AUTISM and SED?      Upload file
File  DYSLEXIE      Upload file
File  NEURO and SED, Hamonet and Al. 2017     Upload file
File  SED and Psychology/Psychiatry (Bulbena 2017)      Upload file
File   Pain and SED (P. Chopra, Claude Hamonet et al. 2017)      Upload file
 File  Gynecology and SED (Anne Gompel)  Upload file
Extensive and comprehensive documentation on SEDh and HSD (2019)