Recognition of disability

  • Recognition of disability by the FPS Social Security
    (for all three regions)
  • Third party assistance:
    approval by the RIZIV by decision of the medical officer of your mutual insurance company
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For recognition at the FPS Public Health:

1. Request a recognition of heavy pathology type E from the mutual insurance company (documents to be printed on Dr Daens' website, three files. To be filled in by the attending physician and signed by the general practitioner, the physiotherapist and Dr Daens). Attach the report or reports of the SED specialists, the New York 2017 criteria, a complete and detailed assessment by the physiotherapist with evaluation of the joint Degrees, dislocations, subluxations, Spine study, joint amplitudes and muscle forces /5, result of the skin BIopsy in electron microscopy). When it is refused, it is most often the physiotherapist's report which is not complete enough.

2. Request recognition of rare or orphan diseases from the mutual insurance company. Access to chronic disease status.

3. Ask the FPS Public Health for the disability recognition forms and have them filled in by the general practitioner. Attach all reports and examination results from the SED doctor specialist.

In order to have a disabled place and benefits you need at least 8 points at the FPS Public Health. This is at the discretion of the medical officer. In case of refusal or dispute, ask a doctor who is an expert in the evaluation of physical injury to help you, independently. Preferably an expert doctor who is familiar with the SED.