Para-medical treatments and the SED

Occupational therapy


It allows a gestural re-education that improves proprioception.

She finds the necessary technical aids and orthotics.

It contributes, in connection with speech therapy, to the re-education of the organization in time, space, memory...


Speech and language therapy


It has its indications in cognitive disorders (memory, attention, concentration, temporo-spatial disorientation, frequent, disabling, they are close to those observed in brain injured traumatized people.

We have been successfully prescribing the same speech therapy for several years.

Type of prescription: " A speech therapy assessment. 30 sessions of speech therapy rehabilitation according to the methods used in mild traumatic brain injury in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. »

Ophthalmology, Orthoptics, Posturotology


This is a rapidly developing field that should make it possible to act effectively on the major proprioceptive disorder that characterizes this syndrome.

Orthoptic prescriptions are useful, as long as they do not require too much muscular strain that causes pain.

There is great expectation in this sector with opportunities for vision aids(prisms) and dental proprioceptive action, both of which are aimed at better information and therefore better posture control.

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